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These worksheets are scientifically-designed to cater the overall skill development of kids for the age group 2.5 – 8 years. These worksheets help to develop more than 300 skills in kids.

E-Book Bundle is an activity based printable worksheet where kids can practice. Kids can develop and retain skills 47 times more. Find out which activities are perfect for the children you teach and save time planning fun and engaging lessons.

  • Help boost academic proficiency in all subjects across all grade levels
  • Designed to make the entire learning experience more enjoyable for young minds.
  • Discover your child’s hidden talent, spot weaknesses, and track progress with our worksheets.

After practicing these worksheets, the child will have

  • Fluent and flexible thinking,
  • Excellent reasoning skills, and
  • Excellent problem solving skills.

Your child will learn quickly with less practice and repetition.

Mentalism is simple and uses very simple props. You would only need basic items like paper, pens, playing cards, etc. The beauty of mentalism is the beauty in its simplicity. Every item you would need is probably already at your home

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Absolutely! Print and reuse the worksheets as many times as you’d like for continued learning and reinforcement.